What is an Ultimate Marked Deck?

What is the ultimate marked board?

A marked deck is an important tool in card magic, especially when it involves involving cards. Miracles happen deceptions’. They aren’t required for all card tricks.

Your ideal deck should be easy for you to read and match your card magic. It should also be discreet and not draw attention from others.

There are many types of marked decks on market, each with its own distinct characteristics. You need to decide what will suit your needs, and whether you prefer a reader system or a coded system.

The best decks that can read markings are those which use a reader system. They don’t have a lot of small symbols to interpret. This makes it easier to read and allows you more mental energy to perform the card magic.

Also, you should check the size and clarity of the markings. They shouldn’t be too small so they are difficult to see from far away. The text on the backs must not be smaller that the standard Bicycle riderback.

Another important consideration is the placement of the markings on the deck’s long edges. This will allow you to quickly identify the card, especially if it’s part of a spread or fan. This is important because many people like to display their decks with these formats. They can make identification of each card difficult.

Marked Mayden Back, DMC Elites or Red Cohort are all great decks which meet the above criteria. They are printed in Cartamundi and handle well. They are not traditional air cushions but they feel snappy and long-lasting.

They are also printed on linen embossed cardstock which is a slightly more durable material than the USPCC decks. This has no impact on performance or handling, but does affect the look of the cards a bit.

The DMC Elites deck, one of the most highly rated reader decks on market, is well worth looking into if it is something you are looking for with well-hidden markings and that can also be read from afar. It comes with an instructional card and a very helpful companion book. This makes it an excellent choice for magicians looking to perform card magic tricks with a marked card deck.

The Marked Maiden Back deck can be used as a variation on the Bicycle Rider Back layout. It is popular with magicians. The cards in this deck are very much like those in a regular Bicycle Rider Back Deck. They are a good alternative if you’re looking to find an ordinary deck with markings which can be easily concealed and won’t draw any attention from passers-by. Two online videos showing how to perform basic card tricks with a marked board are included with your purchase.

What is an Ultimate Marked Deck?
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