Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Cards marked with invisible ink
We are the leading supplier of poker cheating tools. Our products include marked cards with invisible ink, poker contact lenses and spy cameras, poker scanners, poker scanners, poker contact lens, and marked cards sunglasses. The products we have highlighted are useful for poker games and poker tournaments. These products can increase the excitement of your poker games and your chances of winning.

What type of marked cards do I need?
It is only with infrared lenses that you can see the invisible ink on marked cards. You will be able to agree with this opinion once you understand and how to mark cards.
Since more than ten years, we have been specializing in marking cards with luminous markers. You can choose from a wide range of brands of marked cards such as Modiano marked cards. Copag marked cards. Fournier marked cards. Dal Negro marked cards. Kem marked cards. Bicycle marked cards. Aviator marked cards. Bee luminous ink kit. You can’t beat the quality of these cards.

Playing cards with invisible ink
Our invisible ink marked playing cards are made using a special ink and a card printing machine. The poker cards that are processed are identical to the original. The clues are not visible to the public. You can mark your cards yourself using our invisible marking pen. You can mark the cards on the back after you have purchased the pen. Marks can be written on the back of cards for both numbers and suits. You can also write special marks that only you understand. Even if other people wear marked cards contact lenses in order to view your cards, they will not be able to decipher the meaning. You can choose better if you make the opposite choice.

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