Red and Blue Color Lion Marked Cards Matched for Cheating Devices


1Product Description:

  • Brand: Lion Marked Cards Poker
  • Made in US
  • Invisible Marking Brand: GS
  • Marking Method: Scanning Barcode, Lenses Marking, Infrared Camera Mark, Ultmate Mark
  • Material: Plastic-coated Paper
  • Packing: 1 deck/original tuck box

Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


Lion marked playing cards are made of 100% plastic playing card sized playing cards and come in colorful paper boxes. The original cards for Lion marked cards poker are manufactured by Lion Games & Gifts Europe, a poker company founded in the Netherlands in 2001. This is a full size Jumbo index that is high quality for long term use. Under normal conditions, its lifespan is over 2 years because we use great invisible ink to mark the cards.
Lion playing cards can be processed into marked playing cards read by invisible ink contact lenses and special sunglasses, or barcode marked playing cards for inspection by poker analyzers or poker scanning cameras. Before you buy a deck or decks of Lions Mark poker, make sure you confirm the type of marker and the style of the marker. We can also modify and customize our marked cards upon request to tailor them to your needs.

Red and Blue Color Lion Marked Cards Matched for Cheating Devices

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Blue, Red


Jumbo Face, Standard Index


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