Fournier 818 Invisible Ink Marked Poker Cards for Cheat


1Product Description:

  • Model NO.MPC00079
  • Brand: Fournier 818
  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Magic Cheat Trick
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Durability: one year in a sealed condition

Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


Price Negotiated
Payment Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer


Why Fournier 818 Invisible Ink Marking Playing Cards Are So Popular in Poker

Cheating is considered one of the most common poker techniques. They can appear in different poker games around the world. Not only because of their quality mark, but also because of our company’s reputation and standing in this industry.

How long are Fournier 818 marked cards good for?

Here, we have our own professional marking machines and experienced technicians. Thanks to this, our invisible ink printed marker cards can last about 6 months, three times longer than others. This means that although our prices are a bit higher than other companies, it is highly cost-effective. Therefore, most of the poker players from all over the world love our cheat products, especially the marked cards.

What are the modes of transportation

Here we can ship all available poker cheating equipment to all countries in the world. Fedex and DHL will be the fastest shipping methods for international logistics companies. We have a very long-term relationship with them. So no matter where you live, we can ship your package to you. You only need about 3-7 business days to receive your package.

What are the reasons for choosing our company to purchase identification cards?

We have a large stock of Fournier 818 playing cards imported from Spain. Even though the cards are marked, it is exactly the same as the original. If you already have contact lenses or cheat sunglasses, the 818 marked playing cards with back markings will be the perfect choice. If you have a playing card scanner or a playing card analyzer, the 818 marked playing cards with borders are the best choice. No matter what you own or if you are using these devices for the first time, the most suitable Fournier 818 Invisible Ink Marker Cheat Playing Cards will exactly meet your requirements.

Fournier 818 Invisible Ink Marked Poker Cards for Cheat

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