Bracelet Cheating Camera for Poker Analyzing System


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  • Scanning distance: 8-15cm and 20-40cm

Poker scanner cameras are the most diverse and versatile in all the poker cheating device. The poker scanning lens can be hidden in anything, ranging from car keys, lighters, watch to music box, clock, surveillance cameras, murals, etc.There are many different brands and models of poker analyzers for you to choose from, for example: AKK poker analyzer, PK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and so on.

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Material Style Color Scanning distance
mental female style black 8-15cm
plastic male style silver 20-40cm

You know the wrist cheat cameras used in poker analysis systems don’t let me tell you. Many people like to play many poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and many more. Winning these poker games is not that simple, you need luck and strength to win poker games. So most poker players want to find a way to help them win the game. This is exactly what our company has done to help many poker players win poker games. The bracelet security camera is a product that brings you more wealth. Next, let’s introduce the cheating device – the cheating camera of the bracelet poker analysis system.
Have you ever thought that it is impossible to turn a bracelet into a camera. Our professional technicians are inserting tiny cameras into wristbands. So you can wear the bracelet while playing poker games. After all, after all, everyone has some habits. There are some poker players who like to wear decorations, no one doubts that.


How to use the bracelet anti-theft camera

The important partner of the bracelet cheating camera is the poker analysis system. While wearing the wristband, the camera scans the barcoded cards and reflects the data to the poker analysis system. You will then get the results of the poker game through the headset, which will increase your odds of winning the poker game.
The camera of the wristband can be matched with any poker analysis system. It is very suitable and convenient for playing games. In addition, its scanning range is 20cm to 40cm and 8-15, which is enough for the scanning distance in the game. The camera scans are so fast and at the same time, the poker analysis system will deliver the results to you within seconds. Therefore, wristband cheating cameras for poker analysis systems are safe products to win in Texas Hold’em tournaments.
Winning is not by luck, but by ourselves. You just have to do it and it’s easy to win the game.

Bracelet Cheating Camera for Poker Analyzing System

Additional information

Scanning Distance

20-40Cm, 8-15 Cm


Black, Sliver


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