Contact Lenses That Can See Playing Cards

To see the luminous marks left on playing cards by poker players, you can use special contact lens. These marked cards can help you determine the suit and number of a card faster than anyone else.

Before you buy contacts that can see playing card, there are some things you need to consider. The more comfortable the lens is to wear, the better. A light colored IR contact lenses will allow you to clearly see the luminous marks while using it.

The lens should be thick sufficient to protect your eye from injury. The lenses should also be made from a soft material that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

How to Apply the Contact Lens

Most contact lenses are inserted into the eye by using the pad of one finger, such as an index or middle finger. Rigid gaspermeable lenses go directly into the cornea. Soft lenses can be placed on either the sclera or white of the eyes.

When inserting a contact lens, it is important to be precise. If a lens is inserted inside out, the edges will appear to turn in or flare out, which can make it difficult to insert correctly. In some cases, an inside out lens can cause discomfort and even an infection.

Before you apply the contact lens, be sure to clean your eyes. This will reduce the chance of the lenses causing any harm to your eye or contaminating your hands. The same applies to handling the lenses: do not use lotions, soaps, or any other cosmetics until they are fully inserted.

To remove the contact lens, hold it in your hands and pinch it together. If it flips over and sticks to your fingers it is inside out. If the lens is inverted, the edge should be straight up. However, it is a good idea not to flip the lens.

If the lens is too thin or stiff, it could tear the cornea or sclera. This is a common occurrence in young children, who often put in and remove lenses without a parent’s guidance. If this happens, it’s best to get rid of the lens and consult with an optometrist.

It is a good idea before removing the contact lenses to use rewetting drops. This will help prevent tear and make the lens easier to remove. Before you put on the lenses, and after every removal, use the re-wetting drops.

The rewetting drops should always be changed throughout the lifetime of the lenses. To maintain the lens’ health and prevent odors, it is recommended to change the re-wetting drops at most once per week.

Contact Lenses That Can See Playing Cards
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