The most Advanced and Useful AKK A2 Poker Hand Analyzer for Sale


Product Details:

  • Brand: AKK
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5.8-inch
  • System: IPS HD System
  • Scanning Distance: 20 to 55cm from front to back; 30cm from left to right.

The poker analyzer can give out the poker game result quickly and correctly, and tell you via earphone that will not cause the attention of other poker players. There are many different brands and models of poker analyzers for you to choose from, for example: AKK poker analyzer, PK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and so on.

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Language English, Chinese
Outer Package paper carton
Battery changeable; rechargeable
Application Omaha, Texas hold’em, Flush and so on

The AKK A2 poker analyzer device has a wide-angle camera that can scan a wider area than other ordinary cameras. Even if the scanner is not aimed at the playing card, it can still scan the barcode on the sign. It effectively scans barcodes when you play a game of poker, helping you know who your possible winners are. The A2 Poker Analyzer can also use an external camera. It can meet your different scanning requirements.
And the battery of A2 can be replaced and recharged. When the battery dies, players can simply replace the battery and continue their poker game immediately. If the battery is not replaceable, the player needs to wait approximately 3 hours to recharge the battery. This can cost you a lot of chances of winning.
The A2 looks stylish. And its body is as thin as a normal mobile phone. Its basic function is the same as that of ordinary telephone. No one will suspect that you are not using a real phone.

The most Advanced and Useful AKK A2 Poker Hand Analyzer for Sale

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