CVK 680 Poker Hand Analyzer for Cheating


Product Description

  • Model NO.:MPC00050
  • Brand: CVK
  • Function: Winner Predictor
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Payment: Western Union, Moneygram, T/T
  • Delivery time: 5-7 working days

The poker analyzer can give out the poker game result quickly and correctly, and tell you via earphone that will not cause the attention of other poker players. There are many different brands and models of poker analyzers for you to choose from, for example: AKK poker analyzer, PK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and so on.

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CVK 680 poker hand analyzer (also known as Iphone 8 Plus poker cheater), with a solid surface, is the first comprehensive poker cheater launched by the CVK brand in 2020.


Iphone 8 plus cheating poker analyzer is not the same as the previous CVK poker analysis system. Technicians perfect and upgrade software and hardware.
When it comes to the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer, you might be amazed at first glance at how well-crafted it is.
With the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer in hand, it can be used as an ordinary smartphone when playing poker games. What you can do with it You can insert the SIM card in the Iphone, then you can make calls, send messages. Or you can watch YouTube, INS, TikTok, listen to music. It can be used as a mobile phone and feels great in the hand!


The operation of the poker game is also very impressive. The basic setup will be programmed before shipping, the first thing to do is to practice each game when you receive the package. As long as the distance between the token card and the mobile phone can be controlled at about 20-45cm, the mobile phone system can run perfectly. Even if you’re moving the card, the phone will still capture the image to the phone.
This camera setup of the phone is compatible with three camera frequencies. Wireless camera, CVK digital one-to-one camera, is also a local camera. There are also dozens of color options. You can choose one according to your needs.
At present, the quality of mobile phones on the market is uneven, so it is very important to choose a good quality mobile phone. There are also many counterfeit phones on the market. And we are the only official channel designated by the CVK brand. Look no further than the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer here.

CVK 680 Poker Hand Analyzer for Cheating

Additional information

Availble Games

2-Card Game, 4-Card Omaha, 5-Card Omaha, Read Cards Directly, Texas Holdem


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