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Poker scanner cameras are the most diverse and versatile in all the poker cheating device. The poker scanning lens can be hidden in anything, ranging from car keys, lighters, watch to music box, clock, surveillance cameras, murals, etc.There are many different brands and models of poker analyzers for you to choose from, for example: AKK poker analyzer, PK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and so on.

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The long-distance mural scanning camera, known as the wireless camera of the poker analysis system, is currently mainly upgraded in two aspects of scanning distance and scanning speed. Look at the industry, this is by far the fastest and longest range camera.
First: scanning speed
When it comes to scanning speed, many people think of mobile power cameras. And more and more casinos and poker rooms ban everything on the table, such as mobile phones, power banks, wallets and other things. So to scan a card, you have to use something else. That’s why more and more people like it. Older generation cameras with longer distances have one obvious drawback: they don’t work fast enough.
Based on this request, our technicians have improved and adopted the latest generation of lenses. A wide-angle telephoto lens has also been added to quickly read barcode-marked card decks even in low-light environments. The long-distance mural scanning camera can read 20-30 cards per second on average. The improvement of the camera lens helps to minimize the entire working time.
NO2: scanning distance
If you have an older generation camera, you will need a dealer because the dealer moves the cards too fast to capture a marked image of the card. As for the long-range mural scanning camera, the card will also be scanned with a wide multi-angle scanning distance. For example, the distance between the marked card and the mural scanning camera is about 2.3 m. Then you can move the card about 30cm back and forth and about 20cm side to side.
Why this scan distance is important to players Not only because the dealer is more professional and the cards are dealt faster, but it would be weird and suspicious to keep the cards at the same point for a long time. Using older generation cameras requires perfect cooperation from dealers. Now thanks to the upgraded scanning system, it’s much easier for you and your partner to handle.

Long Distance Wall Picture Scanning Camera

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Scanning Distance

1-2M, 2-3M, 3-4M, 4-5M


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