Black Dealing Shoe with Special Marked Cards


1Product Description:

  • Made in Guangzhou, China
  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading special edge marked cards
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic

Poker scanner cameras are the most diverse and versatile in all the poker cheating device. The poker scanning lens can be hidden in anything, ranging from car keys, lighters, watch to music box, clock, surveillance cameras, murals, etc.There are many different brands and models of poker analyzers for you to choose from, for example: AKK poker analyzer, PK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and so on.

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A black shoe with a specially marked plate is the most comprehensive means of cheating in the game of baccarat. As you know, our 8-Tier Casino Style Baccarat Dealer Shoes can make anyone look like a pro. Our casino style deal shoes are made of heavy duty acrylic with smooth edges. The Baccarat dealing shoe is used to place the cards that the dealer and players will receive. The shoe can hold up to 8 decks of playing cards or bridge-sized decks. Includes a heavy black roller.
You may be curious about how we processed black dealer shoes into cheating devices. From the looks of it, it’s hard to tell where the camera is because the tiny camera is tucked away in the shoe. Thanks to an in-shoe scanner, players can identify the number of each card by looking at the screen. Here we are using a specially marked card, which is different from a card marked with infrared contact lenses or a marked card with a barcode. They use their edges for processing. Each number is standardized using a different pattern, the so-called Persian code. To control this device well, a good partner is essential. Work in teams of at least two, with one looking at the screen and one receiving messages and playing games. Their communication is key to the game’s success.
The power of this gaming device lasts approximately 8-10 hours. It is very durable, no need to worry about it shutting down due to low battery. In addition, it also allows you to control the whole machine with a mini remote. Use it to save power as much as possible during intermission.
People are picking up the device on the grounds that it doesn’t work very well and it’s a great deal for the price.

Black Dealing Shoe with Special Marked Cards

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Baccarat Dealing Shoe Only, Baccarat Shoe With Marked Cards


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