Italian NTP Luminous Invisible Ink Cheating Marked Cards



NTP luminous ink marked cards will satisfy your requirements if you are dreaming about becoming a successful poker player one day In that, a professional poker player requires not only extraordinary skills but also quality and suitably marked cards.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


We know that old things are likely to disappear because they don’t meet people’s needs. Due to the rapid development of the card marking industry and the constant changes in people’s needs, the original visible code markings have been replaced by luminous ink markings processed with advanced technology.
Quality never lies: our cards speak for us. NTP Glow in the Dark Ink Markers for Poker are appreciated by both amateur and professional poker players. Waterproof, durable, smooth, there are many adjectives to describe it. It comes in two colours, red and blue, to choose from. Indexes are regular and sizes are bridges. Originally from Italy, playing cards bearing the NTP logo are made of 100% high-quality plastic. If you look closely at the pattern on the back of the deck, you will find a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck. Waterproof NTP luminous ink marking cards are suitable for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat, etc.
We import these playing cards from Italy and treat them with special invisible ink markings on the back of the deck, so you know all the suits and numbers from the markings. It is worth mentioning that these markings can only be seen through infrared contact lenses or marked card glasses. They work the same way. After wearing contact lenses or glasses, the markings on the deck can be seen by filtering out some of the light. Also, any marking pattern can be customized here.
And some poker players took a fancy to the cards marked with a low price. Low prices may save your budget, but they can also cause a lot of problems. Poorly marked cards either show their markings without infrared contact lenses, or have difficulty recognizing the markings even with good quality marked contact lenses. Have a look, isn’t it great to buy good quality marker playing cards at reasonable prices, our company will be a good choice for you.
If you still don’t know what kind of marker deck you need or want to know more about our products, please feel free to contact me.

Italian NTP Luminous Invisible Ink Cheating Marked Cards

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