Copag 1546 with Invisible Ink Markings in Different Versions


1The Copag 1546 series of marked playing cards are among the best cheating marked cards and our company??s best-selling products.

Based on the excellent plastic material of Copag playing cards, whether it is the Brazilian version of Baralho Copag Class 1546 or the Belgian version, it can be processed into invisible ink marked cards.
Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


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Belgium-made Copag 1546 Marked Cards

The most notable advantage of these Belgium-made Copag 1546 invisible ink marked cards is their superior quality. Since they are made of 100% plastic and preserved in a protective plastic case, they are not easy to be damaged.
Packaged with two different colors’ deck in one case, they have various colors for you to pick, blue and red, gold and black, purple and gray, green and burgundy, orange and brown, including poker size and bridge size. Any size and index and any color Copag 1546 cheating playing cards we sold are of good quality and fair price.

Invisible Ink Baralho Copag Class 1546

Copag Class has six series, Natural, Vanguard, Legacy, Modern, Standard,1546. Each of them has its unique back design. The class series marked playing cards represent elegant design and superior durability. That extraordinary and smooth feeling, you will love it.
Copag Class 1546 invisible ink marked cards are bridge size with a jumbo index on the corners. Making use of a kind of special invisible ink prints on the card back is the main process of these cards. It seems very simple, and you may even wanna buy an “ink” to mark by yourself. However, to get a deck of quality Copag Class 1546 cheating cards needs our technician’s most delicate craft and advanced machine. That is why the luminous invisible ink markings can’t be seen by players who do not use the particular device. If you want to read them, you have to wear special glasses or contacts. With the exact value of all cards, winning the games will be easy.

Which Kink of Invisible Ink Marked Cards Will Meet Your Needs

Our company has different types of invisible ink marked cards to meet various people’s requirements. All Copag 1546 cards can be printed with invisible ink on the back, and it also can be made as a barcode marked deck on the sides.

How to Read These Marked Cards in Poker Games

One way is that using marked cards contact lenses with some specialized devices, like infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses. Wearing a pair of infrared contact lenses or glasses can make you see the invisible ink marks on the back of the cards.
Another way is that using barcode marked decks with a poker analyzer system. This way is suitable for players who want to get the game results directly. It needs to work with a set of devices, including a poker analyzer, a poker scanning camera, and a mini earpiece.

Some Tips for Recognizing the Marks on the Back of Marked Cards

When you wear contact lenses or glasses, the pattern on the back of cards will appear clearly, and you can react quickly in your mind. Various styles of marking patterns can be used for marking cards. For example, use the upper and lower bars representing the club, the simple number representing spade, the pattern with dots on the diagonal representing heart, and the vertical bars displayed on the diagonal representing a square. All the marks can be selected arbitrarily or customized according to your reference. It is best to choose marked cards with a large color difference from the color of marks so that the marks can be seen easier. Keeping the hint of the marks in mind, your own will completely control the game.

If You Want to Purchase Them

When you want to buy our Copag 1546 invisible ink marked playing cards, please feel free to contact us to confirm more details.

Copag 1546 with Invisible Ink Markings in Different Versions

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