Bicycle Maverick Poker Jumbo Index Marked Cards


1Product Description:

  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Back: Red / Blue
  • Shipping Way: UPS,TNT,$DHL
  • Marking Pattern: 3 patterns available
  • Index (PIP size): 2 PIP available
  • Material: 1. Classic Air- Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling and optimum performance, 2. 100 % plastic playing cards

Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


Bicycle Maverick Poker Jumbo Index Marker Playing Cards are the best cheating equipment out there. We all know spending a lot of time blaming ourselves for bad luck or poor poker skills, but instead of doing something that wastes your time, use these marked playing cards.

Playing cards marked by Maverick will give you your first taste of success. In the final analysis, How It is powerful and easy to operate. Two main types of Bicycle Maverick Poker Jumbo Index Marking Cards have been developed to meet the needs of different customers.

The first is an invisible ink Maverick marker for infrared contact lens reading. If you wear marked playing card contact lenses, you can discover the secret of Maverick’s cheating cards: suits and numbers in invisible ink. The large font in the middle and the four small fonts at the four corners are the two main marking patterns. Thanks to this, you’ll know when it’s okay to call, especially if you’re stuck.
Second, the Bicycle Maverick Poker Jumbo Index Marker, also very popular, works with poker scanning systems. Not much different from previous card counting systems, this scanning system can not only identify the suit and number of each card, but also predict the winner before the cards are dealt. Yes, as soon as you try out an analyzer system with Maverick barcoded playing cards for the first time, you will be hooked. There are also some players who worry that wearing infrared contact lenses for a long time will cause great damage to the eyes. (There is no problem with wearing and cleaning according to the instructions) Indeed, choosing the second reading system may be a better choice for you.

Bicycle Maverick Poker Jumbo Index Marked Cards

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Blue, Red


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