Poker Cheating Sunglasses That Can See Through Playing Cards


Poker Cheating sunglasses are well known as the anti poker cheating device for poker games or magic tool for the magic show.
Poker sunglasses, also called as marked playing cards sunglasses. It is a pair of glasses made with high quality material and processed by special sensitive material coating. The special coating firmed as a filter, which can filter some kind of light wave.
It is like an imaging agent which absorbs or alters external electromagnetism to help human eyes reading something unable to see regularly.

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Poker Cheating Glasses for Sale

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Origin China
Material Metal
Package Glasses box
Application Reading invisible ink markings
Manufacturer GS Golden Sunshine


Reasons to choose anti-cheating sunglasses:

Poker sunglasses are mainly in simple and fashionable style, making you cooler.
It helps you hide your emotions and removes the option for other players to get information from their eyes.
There are many colors for you to choose, blue, brown, silver, green, yellow, purple and so on.
Poker cheating glasses where invisible ink can be seen very clearly.
The appearance of playing card sunglasses is the same as regular sunglasses. Difficult to be discovered by others.
With the help of cheating glasses, nothing can stop you from becoming a poker star.


How to Cheat Using Poker Sunglasses

Using a pair of marked card glasses is very simple. Put on the sunglasses, put the sunglasses in front of your eyes, and look at the back of the cheat card, the sunglasses will show a completely different scene from what the naked eye sees.

what can i do with a glow in the dark reader

For reading luminous ink on playing cards. That’s why poker players call them glow-in-the-dark glasses readers. It is a practical anti-cheating device in poker. A special coating on the sunglasses absorbs ultraviolet and infrared ink, allowing poker players to read invisible marks. It can also be used in magic shows to conjure up some tricks.

Can transparent glasses see marked cards?

No, clear glasses cannot see anything on the sign. However, our stylish poker cheating sunglasses can read marked playing cards very clearly.

Can anyone see it if you wear sunglasses?

Of course not, our poker cheating sunglasses are exactly the same as regular fashion sunglasses. It is normal to wear sunglasses in casinos. Also, the flawless look of our sunglasses ensures that you can read your cards in the safest possible way.

Poker Cheating Sunglasses That Can See Through Playing Cards

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