Mercury Cheating Dice for Trick


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Color: Colorful

Size: Normal


Application: Magic / Casino Cheating

Teaching Mode: Video Instruction

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

With the popularity of dice gambling, dice cheating devices develop more and more magic products. It includes two parts: dice and portable boards.

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The Mercury cheat dice can turn up the number of dice you want. Unlike the remote control dice, you can use this dice alone to win the game.
Mercury dice are based on ordinary white dice, and our technicians will make a diamond-shaped hole to put mercury into. The key to using this dice is to knock the number face of the dice you need first, and then throw it. This is the biggest difference between quicksilver dice and loaded dice. A loaded dice is known to be loaded with up to three adjacent numbers. If you want your dice to come up with other numbers, then quicksilver dice will be your best choice.


If you can tell the difference between mercury dice and regular white dice with your own eyes, I think you want to know Honestly, no one can detect the difference between these dice due to the craftsmanship of our technicians. They can be processed into opaque dice of different colors, such as red, blue, green, etc. You can choose the color according to your needs.

Mercury Cheating Dice for Trick

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14Mm, 16Mm, 18Mm


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