KEM Brand Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Scanner & IR Lenses


1Product Properties:

  • Origin: USA
  • Invisible Marking Brand: GS
  • Fast shipping way: FedEx & DHL & TNT: 2 to 3 days
  • Marking Method: Scanning Barcode, Lenses Marking, Infrared Camera Mark, Ultimate Mark

Invisible Ink Marked Cards is a very common type of marking cards. The content of poker cards can be seen accurately through special markings and ultraviolet contact lenses. We can provide you with the best cycle and Copag marking cards


Color Red / Blue / Gold / Black
Size Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″) / Bridge (2.25″ x 3.5″)
Index Standard Index / Jumbo Face
Material 100 % plastic playing cards
Packing 1 deck/original tuck box, 1 deck /durable hard plastic storage case

KEM cheating cards are the most popular marker playing cards in the world, especially in the United States. You may not know that cheat cards are widely used in our daily life because cheat ink marks are invisible to our naked eyes. In fact, marked cards are often used in card games and magic shows.
We process KEM cheat marked cards using special invisible inks and advanced printing presses.
In this way, under certain conditions, we can know the value of a specific card only by looking at the back. For example, wearing glasses with special markings, such as infrared contact lenses and see-through sunglasses, can see invisible marks.
Or use a playing card analyzer that not only detects the barcode markings on the edge of the cards, but also predicts the winner for the user in advance. Therefore poker analyzers with barcoded decks are designed for Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
There is also a special kind of infrared marked playing cards. Neither scanning lenses nor professional glasses can read it, let alone the naked eye. Infrared markings can only be seen on the monitor display if they are scanned with an infrared camera.
KEM Arrow Contact Lens Marking Card


KEM marked cards are available in a variety of back designs. Take the most classic KEM Arrow as an example. Its back pattern is a symmetrical arrow design, which can be said to be the most famous card design in the world. It comes in a variety of colors, blue and red, gold and black, green and brown. Each set of cards comes packaged in black plastic protective packaging and is individually retail wrapped. Available in poker size, bridge size, standard index and regular index. Before purchasing a KEM cheat card, be sure to confirm the size and index that will work for you.
KEM plastic playing cards have been around for over 60 years. Each card is made of 100% cellulose acetate plastic. KEM cheat cards can handle the wear and tear. Its high-performance cards will last longer and shuffle better. They are the best cheat playing cards for Blackjack, Poker, Caribbean Stud, Bridge, Pinocles and any other game.

KEM Brand Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Scanner & IR Lenses

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Black, Blue, Gold, Red


Jacquard, KEM Arrow, KEM Paisley


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