Bicycle Rider Back Ultimate Marked Deck for Magic Tricks


Product Description:

  • Origin: USA
  • Available for: magic tricks
  • Material: 100 percent PVC
  • Content: 52 cards + 2 jokers
  • Delivery Time: 3 working days
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Index standard jumbo
color red blue

As for the Bicycle Ultimate Marker Deck, with just a quick glance, players can know the suit and number of each card without looking at the face of the card. The back label is durable and washable no matter how many times the cards are shuffled and dealt. Plus, it’s perfect for all games and magic shows. Poker skills and knowledge are not required, and players can master the entire poker game with playing cards marked with Bicycle Ultimate.
In addition, we also offer different series of bike ultimate marker cards. Based on their raw quality, we process these 100% PVC cards into magical powers. Last but not least, your odds in poker gambling will be maximized.

Bicycle Rider Back Ultimate Marked Deck for Magic Tricks

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Blue, Red


Bridge Size, Poker Size


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