How to Guess a Card

A card trick is a great way to impress friends and family. These tricks can be performed easily with a deck of playing cards and a little practice. There are many different ways to guess the card. Each one is unique.

The Grid

One of the most popular trends in magic these days is a game called “The Grid.” The game begins with a grid consisting of nine cards, each marked with a different symbol. The goal is to move the spaces around the grid an agreed number of times. You usually can figure out the nine cards that you chose after all.

It’s a great way to involve people and is a lot of a good time. However, it can also be a little difficult to perform. The best thing to do is to make sure you have a bouncy, soft surface for the cards to rest on.

A Card Magician’s Secret Code

This magic trick requires a deck of cards that is divided into red and black portions. The magician notes the card that is selected by each spectator. The magician returns it to the opposite colored portion of deck and the audience picks another card.

The Magician’s Assistant has a secret code they communicate via a piece paper. When the spectators open the paper they will find a written message.

You will need to write your prediction on a piece of paper (for instance, “The Ten of Hearts”) before sealing it in an envelope and showing it to the audience. Once you are done, you can show the card to the audience without revealing any of the magic math.

Then, deal the cards out into three piles, one per pile, and let the spectator look through them until they can determine which one contains the card the spectator picked. Once they’ve figured it out, you can cut the deck to reveal that the card they selected is right in the middle of all the other piles.

Mental Selection

This simple trick is a great tool to engage your audience, and to surprise them. After the audience member selects a particular card, you ask him to think about it. Then, when they’re finished thinking about the card you push it forward.

Using this method, you can easily determine which card your audience member chose and figure out what they were thinking about. You can then show them the card, and explain that this is the card they were considering.

Card Magic with “Telepathy” effect

This magic trick is a lot like metal telepathy, which involves sending and receiving information by touching a metal plate. When you touch a metal plate, an energy ray is sent from the plate to your brain. The ray then returns back to your body. This allows you to read someone’s mind, letting you know which card they picked.

How to Guess a Card
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